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1. We are a team of 1500 + IT Experts and we have 40 plus verified partners.

2. Preferred vendor with Wipro, HCL, Polaris, Nucleus Software, KPMG, Samsung, NCR Corporation and 500 plus startups globally since 2001.

3. Till date we have hired 12,000+ software engineers since 2001.

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Why Hire Software Developers from Murmu Software Infotech?

Are you willing to hire temporary staff from one of the best temp staffing companies?
Apart from offering robust solutions, our team provides IT development experts in a timely manner.

A Range of Expert Developers

ExpertTal has a range of expert developers who are experienced in multiple technologies, including Java, PHP, iOS, Android, Python, etc.

Cost-Effective Development

With us, you can reduce the cost of development by 40-50% approximately. Hire remote workers and skilled IT developers from us.

Quality Project Management

Our pool of project managers have varied skills in multiple project management tools and techniques. Hire management consulting staff and enhance your project management.

Global Management Standards

Our pool of IT industry consultants follow global standards for development, which offers optimum product handling, testing, and quality analysis.

Time-Zone Compatible

With us, you can hire remote web developers who can operate according to varying timezones. These remote workers have flexible working models.

Supportive Policies

We have supportive policies to ensure reliable hiring at your end. The pool of remote resources offered by us contains the skills to fulfil your needs.

Hire Top Software Developers

Murmu Software Infotech is a leading firm in India offering top IT consulting staff on a part-time, hourly, and monthly basis. After close scrutiny and selection process, we provide a pool of software developers who are focused on offering quality IT and software development services. We share over 100 Man Years of leadership experience which in turn helps maximize retention rate and repeat business from our customers. Our services are hassle-free and workflows are transparent. We help you understand the expertise of the developer before you hire IT freelancers. Our process workflow ensures smooth communication and successful engagement. If you are looking to hire web developers to improve the performance of your team, hire web developer, PHP developer, iOS developer, RoR developer, android developer, and other IT consulting staff from us. Reach out to us now!

Hire Web Developers According to Your Requirements

At Murmu Software, our web and mobile developers offer an array of technology services and solutions.
This is why we are a preferred partner of many companies, agencies, and SMEs for remote hiring of software developers.

Web App Developers

Hire web developers who have skills in designing secure, scalable, and high-performing web applications.

Mobile App Developers

Hire top mobile app developers to build a customized hybrid and native mobile app for your specific industry.

Front-End Developers

Hire dedicated front end developers who have domain expertise and knowledge to design interactive interfaces.

Back-End Developers

Hire software developers with wide industry experience and knowledge in mobile apps, software apps, and eCommerce stores.

Full-Stack Developers

Hire full stack developers who have expertise in building both back-end and front-end feature-rich development.

BI Consultants

Hire BI consultants to analyze and evaluate your business data and receive valuable insights for business decisions.

Oracle Financial Consultant

Hire top Oracle financial consultants with advanced knowledge in OPM financials, financial lease modules, and Oracle lease management.

Oracle Technical Consultant

Hire experienced Oracle technical consultant with deep knowledge in GL, AR, AP, FA, and cash management modules.

IT Consultants & Engineers

Hire IT engineers to mitigate any arising or looming technical challenges, and streamline your project lifecycle.

Top Software Developers

Hire top web developers and improve your speed and quality of software launch. From simple web app development to enterprise-grade app development, our developers can offer an optimum customized solution for any problem.

Select a Hiring Model

Check out the below hiring models and select the one which is best suited for your business.

Measurable Working Model

Dedicated Model: If you require an entire dedicated team of developers, this model should be your choice.

  • No hidden fees
  • Agreed hours of availability
  • Measurable working model
  • Monthly, weekly, or fortnightly payments

Hourly Model

If you require a team for undefined but ongoing work, then this model should be your choice.
  • No hidden fees
  • Agreed hours of availability
  • Measurable working model
  • Monthly, weekly, or fortnightly payments


What are the benefits of hiring remote IT consultants?

If you hire remote IT consultants, you get the following benefits:

  • Expertise of years
  • Hands-on experience in technologies
  • Dedicated work delivery cycle
  • Low costing model

Since we give high importance to your data, remote hires sign an NDA to keep your data safe and secure.


Yes, we provide detailed resume when you choose software developers online from us. You can then select the best software developers whose experience and skills suits to your project needs.


We can help you hire remote developers with any experience in different fields. Whether you hire a PHP developer or a full stack developer, you get the best fit for your project.


Depending on your requirements, we may offer discounts. However, we don’t have a regular offer for the same.



Murmu Software Infotech is a remarkable IT Expert Provider company with highly skilled developers. I have been working with them since long time. They have helped me support my clients many times in very short span of time. This helped me in retaining my Customers and grow my business with my customers. I highly recommend Murmu Software Infotech to all companies needing IT Experts on Contract. I strongly recommend their services to the firms needing IT Experts for short and long duration.
I had been interacting with Mr. Prem Murmu CTO Murmu Software Infotech since long time. He was one of the best performing vendor and had helped me setup the high performance Delivery teams many times. They are expert in getting the best quality contractors in record short time. We had two resources working from their side on our mission critical projects to product development projects . They make sure customer wins always.
Murmu Software Infotech had been a great support during my long association with our company. They were able to provide Contractors in very short span of time. Right from SAP to Web Development to Oracle Apps to Mobile Development , they have good control on various technologies. I wish them a great future.
I have been interacting with Prem Murmu past 1 year, his company maintains a team of 5 IT Experts in India for us. We are very happy to work with him and his firm. His Experts working in India Remotely had been very beneficial for us and we had done immense cost saving as Experts through him cost us 60% less. I have a huge recommendation to his company for those who are wanting to hire Expert level remote resources in India.
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